NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw

AllMankind wrote:

DtEW wrote:

What you are ranting about is called pre-focus, and is a feature common to many large-sensor MILCs.  This feature is aimed at solving (or merely lessening) a common problem of large-sensor MILCs: that focus speed is relatively slow compared to a dSLR.  The idea of pre-focus is that the camera periodically focuses on any scene in front of it, without any request from you.  This is so that the moment you frame your shot and select a particular focus point, it is not caught completely flat-footed but is in-fact already rather close to that focus point.

This is NOT a feature.  This IS a design flaw.

What Sony should have done is given us a menu item to turn this 'pre-focus' off.  Some people, such as myself and obviously the OP, do not want the camera continuously AFing.  We want the camera to AF only when the shutter is half pressed, at least for AF-S.

It should also be noted, that with on-sensor PDAF, the speed to acquire focus would/should not be enhanced much (if at all) by pre-focus.

I also do not know of any other mirrorless camera/system that does this pre-focus.

Would it have been so difficult for Sony to have given us a menu option?

In general it is valid to argue that the user of any device should be given the option to disable anything that they do not like. The exceptions are (1.) it would cost too much, and (2.) when there already exists a perfectly good way to do the same thing. The question thus becomes why you have an issue with simply switching to MF when you want the camera to not do this. How would that be any less convenient, or any different in effect, from a selection within the menus? Certainly the AF/MF switch is as convenient as it could possibly be. (I assume the NEX-6 has an AF/MF button...) And as for the effect, the additional effect that MF has is that you are able to manually focus if you choose.

And besides, what is the big deal anyway? Battery consumption? It does not seem likely to me that the power used in moving the lens, or in the related processing, will stack up to the power associated with the LCD display and the EVF. As such, if there is anything here that is truly worth making any fuss over, it would be a way to make the displays go dark. And there is already a way to do that. Alternative techniques could potentially be added, but the one that already exists seems pretty good. I am of course talking about the power save feature. In the menu, you can set the timer value to a value as short as 10s, for serious battery conservation. When the timer expires and the camera takes a little nap, you wake it up by pressing the Menu button.

Between the use of the AF/MF switch and the flexibility of the power save feature, I just do not think that there is any need here that Sony did not address adequately well. To really save power, set the power save timer to 10s. If for some reason it just bugs you that the camera continually endeavors to achieve a crude level of focus, select toggling behavior for the AF/MF button and use it.

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