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Please read what?

John King wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:

Re-read what I wrote, perhaps?

Re-read what Bill Claff has written about his data collection and analysis methodology perhaps?
He does not measure ISO, he measures dynamic range from RAW files at the manufacturer's stated ISO settings, that are determined in accordance (hopefully) with the International Standards Organisation standards.

If it is hopefully, then how is it scientific? And if the frame of reference is shifted, then how exact are the comparisons.



Please read what I said carefully, and properly. "(hopefully)" refers to the ISO (organisation) standards and how camera makers implement them; it does not refer to how Bill Claff does his measurements ...

Yes, but you cited his approach as scientific. If the native value of the sensor is seldom exactly a standard, and you add that 'hopefully' it matches (sometimes it does), then where exactly does your science come in?

If you have a problem with how the International Standards Organisation determines the standards for the ISO settings for cameras, may I respectfully suggest that you take the matter up with them? Not with me.

You cited Bill Claff, who specifically states on his page that the native values and the standard values are seldom the same. I only pointed it to you.

I am perfectly happy with what camera makers do, and how they adhere to the ISO standards.

Neither here nor there.

The frame of reference hasn't been "shifted". It is the same for all makers. How they choose to implement the standards is up to them, not me ...

'How they chose', and 'it is not' is contradictory. Manufactures post the design values, not the tested values. And when the actual ISO is shifted, then the entire curve will be shifted. Good example is OMD5, which apparently show higher DR values than it is ever able to capture in real life. The curve is not exactly incorrect, it just happens to be in a wrong place. There have been several discussions about it on the mFT forum.

As you appear to be unhappy with what the ISO writes in their standards; or how some/any camera maker implements those standards; then take it up with the ISO, or the camera maker - Not with me ...

Again, neither here nor there.


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