Would you switch brands if an nex sized ff competitor entered the market?

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Mel Snyder
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A funny thing happened on the way to a FF prosumer camera at Nikon...

Tastybread wrote:

I've been thinking about this for a little while. I desperately want to move onto ff sensors but can't stand the size of the available dslr's. I fully believe that Sony will try to bring something to the market before anyone else, but I often wonder how attached I am to the platform. If a competitor happened to beat Sony to the punch and thsee hardware were respectable, I probably wouldn't hesitate.

...APS-C got increasingly competitive - and the smart consumers who don't make 16x24 prints and instead put their images on line said, "wait a minute..."

FF would make cameras bigger to accommodate the sensor and lens-to-sensor distance. Then, you no longer have a serious competitor to the DSLR people don't want to lug.

Reminds me what happened when Fuji tried to scale up a 35mm rangefinder design to accommodate a 6x7 and 6x9 cm negatives, and Kodak did likewise with the Medalist - and both fell flat on their faces.

Everyone is so sure that Sony will make a FF NEX. I'm not. The NEX-7 sensor today is better than DSLR sensors were just 3 years ago. 3 years from now, advances in the APS-C sensor technology will be seriously competitive with FF sensors today, and big-print production will be further in the rear view mirrors of most consumers.

And iPhone cameras will eat even further into the consumer market for cameras like the NEX. Let's face it - the NEX line may well have been Sony's last hurrah in trying to establish a foothold in the camera business. The company is totally absorbed in figuring out how to recapture the TV market, and how to monetize its media. Photos are the pimple on the butt of the company today as it struggles to regain scale and market relevance. A FF NEX does nothing to advance either corporate goal.

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