D600 oil specs on the sensor question

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It is "rare" for a D600..

lorenzo de medici wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

The Nikon statement in February was a problem on "rare occasions" https://nikoneurope-en.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/55647

Whatever the problem was it should be fixed on new cameras.

Which camera is best for you is for you to decide. I do not own a D600 but know 8 early adopters who have not had a problem with their camera.

I think you should stop making statements on this subject since you do not own the camera and are simply parroting Nikon's PR information.  I'm sure that all these D600 owners would rather be out taking pictures than fretting over sensor dirt.  I have PERSONALLY EXAMINED four D600s including my own (which I'm counting as two since Nikon rebuilt it once) and EVERY ONE had A LOT OF SENSOR DIRT.  THAT IS 100 PERCENT, WHICH IS NOT "RARE".  People who just repeat what they think they've heard or read without personal experience are not helpful.

........NOT to have oil/dust on sensor. Very "rare"....indeed.

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