Nokia 16-lens array camera phone coming in 2014

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Re: Nokia 16-lens array camera phone coming in 2014

MikeCanon wrote:

This is not a Rumor, Pelican Imaging company developed 16-lens array camera modules for handsets few months ago, Now according to latest news coming from different sources, Nokia investing in Pelican Imaging company and plans to introduced 16-lens array windows phone coming in 2014.

Mike, I think the mass production of these devices won't happen in 2014.  First, they (Pelican) need someone to design this into a handset.  It is not going to be designed into a high volume handset until it can be mass produced, and we are talking millions per month, one a second sort of production rates.  I dont think anyone will take such a risk with a new technology.  So, it may get used on either a flagship expensive, low volume handset, or by an market wannabe who needs to use a new technology to get people's interest.

Having that all happen in 2014 by Nokia is unlikely.  I wish Pelican well since it is an interesting approach to reducing the thickness of camera modules.  But, sensor cost is high, and power (energy) to process the image is also high. There is a lot of competition for battery energy on cell phones.  So, the question is if thinness and "3D" offset the sensor cost and size  and processing load.  I am guessing "maybe" on the first factor, and "no" on the second factor.

Keep in mind that among other things, I ran a MEMS company trying to insert MEMS autofocus into camera modules for handsets.  It was slow going even though we had the best technology out there at a competitive price.


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