NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw

DtEW wrote:

GaryW wrote:

While it probably does speed up focusing, I don't think that's the main reason.  How else would you have a sharp view in the LCD or EVF?  You move the camera and glance at the scene.  If the camera didn't refocus a bit, it'd be   blurry some of the time, maybe most of the time, unless it stopped down the aperture and made everything in focus, and then you wouldn't have the framing you need to judge what's in and out of focus if you wanted a wider aperture.  There's really not a better solution, I don't think.

Well, it needs to be considered that what you are describing is actually the behavior of all dSLRs in either OVF or Live-View mode, that is it is usually out-of-focus (and wide open!) until you ask for it to focus (half-press the shutter button or AF-ON) on the given scene you are pointed at.

Whereas the usually-in-focus nature of pre-focusing MILCs can be counted as an advantage over dSLRs (i.e. the behavior of a MILC might be more intuitive to somebody who may understand the central concepts in photography, but do not understand the history and technical kludges that comprise the dSLR), the dSLR focus-only-when-asked-for paradigm does indeed work okay...  when focusing is fast.

It's like a slacker genius who can afford to fall behind, knowing that he can catch up in the blink of an eye... versus the diligent-but-not-particularly-brilliant-Joe who has to be on-the-ball all the time lest he fall behind, which might prove hard-to-recover for him.  So he stays diligent and is always pre-focusing so he isn't ever far from where he needs to be.

I think my DSLR has "eye start", so it begins to focus as soon as I put my eye to the viewfinder.  Perhaps you're right that it's fast enough; by the time my eye is ready and in place, it's pretty much there if not already.

How would a camera be useable with it off?  As soon as I reframe the scene, everything would be blurry.  Then I'd half-press, then I'd see things in detail?  Bleah!  That just sounds annoying.  I'd be half-pressing all the time, even with a DSLR.  I didn't have a battery problem with the DSLR, even with this constant refocusing.  What kills your battery, I suspect, is the LCD/EVF moreso than the refocusing, but perhaps it is both.  I realized early on with my Nex-5 that my battery did a lot better when I changed the auto-off to 1 min.  For the Nex-6, I think that's the default, but I wonder if it's not turning off because of the eye-start on the evf (as the camera hangs in front of you on the neckstrap)?  If I remember, maybe I'll try to put the camera into playback mode before letting it hang and see if it does better.  If it does use a lot of battery when in live-view, then that would stop the refocusing, even if the camera remains on.

I wonder if I can set up my Nex-6 to work like my DSLR?  No live view until I look in the EVF.  Then I can see if the battery lasts longer.  I thought there was a mode where you can set the rear display to be info-only, but I don't recall if it still tries to focus while in this mode.

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