Canikon another dinosaur?

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MrScorpio wrote:

The mft is not bad, not at all, but the Canon 6D with non-L glass is not that much heavier and bulkier either.

But the 6D IQ is superior to the mft in all aspects.

IMO there will always be a market for people who wants the optimal IQ, and as long as Olympus keeps delivering sensors with horrible RAW noise over ISO 800, they will never be able to take over the majority of Canons DSLR users.



I shoot along side Steve and Boney, we take the same subjects. They use a Canon 1DX and Canon 1D MKIII with 500 and 300mm lenses, they have nothing to worry about at all I doubt m4/3 would interest them at all. Its all about ISO, PDAF, lenses, etc. I use the NEX-7 now days and ISO 400 is my limit on the subjects I take. Steve's is ISO 1600 with the 1DX for the same subjects.


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