Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: not as long as they keep releasing products like this one:

Comparing various systems is very tricky, there are to many technical differences, different design philosophies, different individual preferences, etc., etc. And predicting the future is even more difficult. HOWEVER look at this lens: Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM.

Now this is just one lens - you may not like any of Canon system cameras, you may not need 40mm focal length, and so on. So what is unique here?! Well, this is currently the best lens one can buy for $150. There is no other $150 lens from ANY other manufacturer, any system, any focal length, which would offer the same overall IQ.

Again, this is not implying "...and because of that, you should buy a Canon DSLR". It is just one observation. Many people feel that is the "dinosaurs" keep releasing a few such products from time to time it will be many, many years before they become endangered species!

novaoz wrote:

Interesting article on MFT and why it will outlast Canon & Nikon, some of his argument is sound

Yes, Canon seem to realize that dslr size is a problem, but their offerings so far have been unsatisfactory. EOS M is small, pretty and flawed. The 40/2.8 is an excellent, inexpensive and small lens with no matching body to put it on.

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