My wish: EF-S 25mm (or wider) PANCAKE

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Dave Throgmartin
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Re: I"m giving EOS-M a serious thought, just for the 22mm pancake lens

007peter wrote:

Yan Duval wrote:

I wish too for a small wide angle EF-S lens. ...So looking for something around 22mm (35-1.6) in Canon line-up, there is only a 24 f1.4 that is very good, but heavy and expensive. Canon acknowledged the need with their 22 f2 EF-M.  Too bad it is not compatible with EF-S.  This is really a hole in their lens line-up.

Agree the lack of an EF-S 25/1.8 ~ 2.2 is a big hole in canon's lineup.  So much so.... that I'm considering buying the entire EOS-M + 22mm/2 STM lens combo.

Maybe this is Canon's brilliant marketing plan all along, deny us a wide angle pancake to force us buy an EOS-M.


I've seen quite a few posts from you discussing mirrorless cameras.  Many people seem down on the EOS M and instead raise up the Sony, Fuji X, or m4/3 cameras.  What's your take?

I'm not in the market now, but would love to have a travel camera that delivered good IQ in a small body.


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