Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: not as long as they keep releasing products like this one:

Canon 40mm: considerably smaller (in its native mount), more solid build (this may be a bit subjective, but try to shake the Sigma - in two copies I used something rattled inside!), overall IQ is still a bit better (not drastically on m4/3, but remember that Canon is a full frame lens) - see various published reviews. And finally Canon is still less expensive, despite Sigma tradition of aggressive discounting. BUT... don't get me wrong, Sigma is a very good lens, and it is probably preferable on m4/3 system as it does not need an additional adapter.

Again: this is largely comparing apples to oranges, and I am NOT saying that the Canon 40mm would be my best choice for m4/3 camera. My only observation was: can I get overall better IQ for $150? From any lens mounted on any camera, any manufacturer, any focal length? If the Canon 40mm is a sign of a product line becoming extinct soon, I am probably missing something.

ed2002 wrote:

wayfarers wrote:

...Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM.


What makes that lens so much better than the 30mm sigma on m4/3?

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