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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

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I will clarify by saying that most reviewers online say the 5DM3 outperforms all other DSLRs and is their favorite to use... It's not my opinion but if you do a fair amount of reading that's the general consensus ... Not mine - I'm just a shopper trying to wade thru all the BS to find the right system for myself

This forum is unlikely to clean the BS outta the barn as we all have our biases. Yesterday I observed some exceptional nice and tack-sharp (LOL) wildlife photos taken with the D600 and 70-200. In capable hands,  the D600 appears to be more than able to shoot portrait photography. The best rubber boots to wade through it all is to try it out yourself. Who knows, you might despise the ergonomics regardless of all else.

The point is not some individual shots. Even a Rebel is capable of snatching some action photos. The point is consistency. 5DIII is the best such camera for people don't have to invest in 1Dx or Nikon Dx lines. I'd have no doubt if person A with 5DIII shooting side by side with another person B with D600 at similar shooting skills with similar comparable lenses in airshows, in motorsports, in wildlife safari, in sport fields, person A will absolutely capture more precise and critical moments while person B will miss many opportunity, similar as difference between 1DX and 5DIII, that ultimately matters. The speed of CF, buffer depth, overall faster responses in all components such as mirror and shutter lags, in addition slightly faster burst rate make 5DIII noticeably faster than D600. When I shoot the airshow in the Memorial Day weekend, 5DIII with 1000x CF card is so fast that I ended with around 5200 photos in just a few hours. Although my 1DIII shoots 10fps with 30-raw buffer but it only can use CF card upto 266x speed. It seems 5DIII at 6fps with 1000x CF card actually is not much lagging behind it overall capturing speed as it cleans buffer much faster with 1000x CF card.  The difference of buffer depth and speed difference between CF and SD cards are pretty significant between 5DIII and D600.  D800 depsite generates much bigger files actually is faster than D600 because of faster CF card and deeper buffer.  But 5DIII is faster than both of them.

So for that part, I'd pay $1K more on 5DIII over D600 as someone would pay $4K more on 1DX over 5DIII.  A better part is that sometime you can get better deal to pay much less such as I only paid $2500 on a brand new 5DIII.

I agree about the 5DIII with 1000x CF card but really a non issue for portrait photography. A D600, D6, 5DIII will all do a great job for portraits. They are all current and relevant for someone wanting a new model that will take great photos, assuming the user knows how to use it and all the other much more important elements for success.

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