A memorable wedding right out of a movie!

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A memorable wedding right out of a movie!

A good friend of mine was getting married in NY. This was certainly the strangest wedding that I could ever imagine!

To better see the picture, I think I should first give a short background. My friend is the graphics director of a big design company. His mother is a fashion designer and has her own brand in London. One of his aunts is a museum curator and her boyfriend a cinematographer! His sister started a children’s clothing line, associated with a famous, beautiful and sexy Hollywood star that I adore!

Therefore, I was excited to spend an evening among “artists” and people of “culture”… But as soon as I arrived in Brooklyn (Yes; Brooklyn! …), I had the impression of finding myself in one of the famous Francis Ford Cappola’s movi sets!... The typical kind of Brooklyn crowd that I always thought was overly exaggerated in the movies; but now, I saw it with my own eyes!

The bride was from a well-known Italian family in Brooklyn!!! … So, you can imagine!...

I was among incredible characters! I had my little DLux with me (of course) but didn’t dare to get too close to them to take portraits! I knew that my life-long martial arts practice could not match the machinery I suspected was hidden under their jackets!... Even the huge and muscular photographer was holding his camera as if it was a machine gun!... They didn’t seem to be the type of people that you could joke with, although the bride was very charming and playful and was teasing around the whole night!

When the bride arrived with her father on a wheel chair, they all stood up with respect and also some fear as if they were facing the “Godfather”! :

While the priest was reading the usual stuff; they didn’t stop teasing him and each other! You can also notice one of the bodyguards in the back, making sure the couple is safe :

She even put the ring on his wrong hand! :

From his look, I even had the feeling that the young priest wouldn’t have minded being in the broom’s shoes! :

When everything was over; she looked like a victorious Olympian who just won the gold medal!

Inside, the “Boss” gave his authorization for the party to commence!

The couple opened the dance. :

The uncles were also very excited. One of them- while dancing on a chair - almost lost his pants! :

Some others just passed out:

But for me the most important thing is to see my friend happy and also be very careful in a family that could not forgive any misstep from his part!...

If you don’t hear from me after this thread; any speculation could be plausible!...

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