A prediction of the D400.

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Re: Remember the A700 and D300 launch?

Hi JC,

I sold the D200 many years ago to a family member of mine. And although it was not the main camera I used in that time, I made an awful lot of images with it. And he also, and it is still going strong in his hands. Only the battery coming with it has been replaced.

Well build for sure.


n057 wrote:

M Lammerse wrote:

n057 wrote:

lock wrote:

There may be a reason for Nikon not to go mirrorless yet: the mount.

Isn't the mount the reason why Nikon could not ever go FX? Remember that prediction?

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Nikon never mentioned it. It was a theory of several Nikon 'knowdlegables', not working at Nikon that it was a reason not to go full frame.

Actually Nikon planed to make the D200 the first full frame camera. But they were not happy with the quality of the sensor they had at that time. Nikon mentinoed during several press conferences (one I joined myself) that Nikon only would go full frame if it has a clear benefit over DX. Well, since 2007 we know all about that

There will be a new DSLR camera of Nikon at the end this summer announced.It's almost certain the competitor of the 7D Mark II


I am glad they failed to make the D200 an FX camera. I just bought a backup for mine: another D200

And if they announce another camera this summer, I hope it will be the D400 I have been waiting for. If not ... well, I'll imagine that 2xD200 is almost as good as 1xD400 and keep my money for other things.

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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