Canikon another dinosaur?

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Re: Canikon another dinosaur?

novaoz wrote:

Interesting article on MFT and why it will outlast Canon & Nikon, some of his argument is sound

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Peter from Norfolk Is.

he raises some good points, and brings up a lot of interesting facts. But I think his conclusion is flawed. He had a D200 and now has an OM-D.  For 99% of potential users, the Oly is a much better camera by almost any measure (maybe not AF). IMHO he was so surprised/pleased with the results from the Oly, that he figured that m43 was the future, and then wrote an article supporting his conclusion.

Nikon seems to be dropping the ball with the D400 delay. Maybe we'll learn what happened, although prob not.

If the D400 had come out last year, he probably would have found that he would have to upgrade a bunch of glass anyway.

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