Canikon another dinosaur?

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Great article

PC Wheeler wrote:

We've been reading such views for the past four years; yet Canon and Nikon don't seem to be struggling yet.

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But they have been floundering in the mirrorless market like all the predictions.  If you honestly believe that in 10 years Single reflex mirror cameras will still be king, then good for you, and you are in a very small minority.

Those proprietary DSLR lenses will eventually become obsolete and ironically outlasted by the older film lenses they replaced (which are much smaller and very useful on mirrorless cameras).

I can't say if Canon or Nikon will fail like the article says, but he makes a sound argument.  Canon and/or Nikon need to make a very bold move and heavily invest in these new technologies to have a strong future.

One point he did not mention is companies like JK (Kodak).  Many consumer electronics segments have been crushed by cheap Chinese companies flooding the market to build market share, and now they are going to bat for Micro Four Thirds.

It won't happen overnight, nor in a few years.  My bet is in 7-10 years the camera industry will look completely different.

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