What do you load on to SSD?

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Re: What do you load on to SSD?

SushiEater wrote:

OCZ Vertex 120GB, current firmware for that time. Win7 64bit. They just came out with new one and I already installed it.

I was alpha testing new software for stitching multi-row panoramas so I decided to go back to my archives for few years and also current files.
To make it faster processing  I was copying and removing files from SSD otherwise such large files would take a long time to write. I was not just processing each set once obviously. I did not keep track of how many TBs were written because frankly I don't care. The way prices are dropping and sizes are going up it was not a big loss of only 1 year out of 9 but it could happen. Besides I have 2 of them so I can use one as a backup.

So, in practical terms, it wasn't much of an issue!

It seems that every day we have someone here warning us about SSD media wear issues. But try and find a credible claim of someone actually wearing out their SSD. Those are hard to find and almost impossible when the OS supports TRIM and the workload doesn't involve continuous (24/7) high speed writes.

If the SSD sky was really falling, we'd be hearing about worn out SSD's all the time.

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