Graphene Sensor 1000 times more sensitive than CMOS?

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Re: Debunked years ago...

OpticsEngineer wrote:

Another overhyped things was data mining that was going to increase sales at stores because it would reveal consumer buying habits.   For instance maybe putting flowers next to the wine would increase sales of both, or items placed at eye level would sell better,  The problem was, all the tricks that worked had already been figured out years ago.

Oh, that takes me down memory lane. Since the mid-90s I was subjected to numerous lectures from visionary enthusiasts about data mining, or business intelligence, or data warehousing (not we call this "big data"). After a few of these it struck me as strange that the success story everyone was telling was always the same: Mining the data from cash registers in a supermarket revealed that people who buy diapers late at night also buy beer (you can make up a story to explain it), so the supermarket put the beer and diapers on opposite corners of the store so that the young fathers would have to go through all the store, maybe buying some more stuff.

It is the same with most of my engineering problems.   Other tools usually do the job better and faster.   It is only a few very specific ones that are amenable to neural nets or genetic algorithms.   Just last week a few of us were gathered around and we all burst out laughing remembering some of the ridiculous claims that had been made for neural nets and the expensive hardware that had been foolishly purchased to implement them (before people realized that software could do the same thing)

I'm still waiting for my quantum computer and my quantum cryptography.

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