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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

Timbukto wrote:

This is what people do not understand about DR...there is DR on the image capture side...and there is also DR on the print/publish side.  And to have the image of higher DR you actually do *not* lift shadows.  People with an eye for picture quality tend to like plasma screens for blacker blacks.  Dynamic range is defined as the max signal - min signal.  So the image with blacker blacks actually has higher dynamic range in *display* and at that point the fact that one sensor may have captured worse black tones is *moot*.

We all hope Canon future sensors/cameras will improve DR. But I agreed there is vast exaggeration of Nikon/Sony DR advantage by someone. If you expose photos normally on mid-tone as the way should be in most scenarios, there is really no much difference between Canon and Nikon/Sony cameras. So far all those boasting of Nikon 14-stop DR are all those games of extreme shadow pulling by severely underexposing photos on highlights then pull deep dark shadows 4-6 stops. I am sure in such scenarios, Nikon cameras win hands down and we have seen many such game demo. But they are just lesser of evil as entire photos after extreme shadow pulling from a severe underexposure look pretty crappy, very noisy in original deep shadow areas, surreal color tonality and damage of the most critical mid-tone. The difference in such scenario is crappy photo from Nikon vs unusable one from Canon. Sure Nikon wins but wins badly

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