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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

Jessadele wrote:

Hello, I have my eyes on the Mark iii, It is a big purchase and am starting to question a few things maybe someone can help me with. I'm noticing that Nikon d600 got better reviews than the Mark iii. I don't know how they could even compare given the price difference but they do. I am thinking about making the switch to Nikon although I have shot Canon for 10 years. Can anyone tell me why Canon Mark iii is worth the bigger investment than the Nikon d600? I shoot mostly portrait work. Since this will be my first full frame, my canon lenses won't work anyway so I am not invested with canon in that respect. Thanks for your input, Jess

Portraits do not need high MPs, they do not need the best in the world DR, etc.  It really comes down to availability of portrait primes for which Canon has plenty of options.  I prefer that the Canon portrait primes have less LoCA as well and Canon handling.

This is a recent post in the MFT should be re-titled to why DR is misused and misunderstood (ok I always prefer more DR but I have a firm grasp on why it is useful and what the implications are for the better end result or not).

I think both the D600 dust/oil issue is both overblown and swept under the rug by Nikon apologists.  I'm really in the middle for which I have a clear understanding that its not the end of the world, but it certainly is *not* a non-issue.  It has the potential to cost time/availability for which you do not have a FF camera at your disposal.  This is the #1 setback.  It has the potential to add up in time user-servicing the camera...and my time I consider to be valuable enough to not want to deal with wet-cleaning (yes we live in an instant gratification no time for anything world, but I'm not retired with grown up kids, and I have a lot of things to do besides wet-clean my sensor).  To say that you should just shoot wider apertures is silly and it can easily affect landscape or macro shots.

I prefer the camera that keeps its internal chamber *clean*, because that is where my rear element of a lens is exposed to, my PDAF sensor sits on the bottom of the camera, and my focus screen that already has a tendency to catch spots due to its micro-etched surfaces.

I think Canon telephotos still are better, but the wide zooms are a bit lacking *but cheap in costs*.  Also availability of tilt-shift lenses, etc.  The Samyang TSE are a very cheap alternative but have been tested to be not in the same class in both optics or build quality (love the optics on the Samyang 14mm however, and the 16mm f2 seem interesting as well).

I think the 5DMKII dynamic range or shadow performance is definitely needs improvement.  I find my 6D gets me almost there.  The truth is it won't play the over expose everything + 100 shadow game better, but IMO that is a pointless exercise.  When you apply exposure adjustments *locally* it is just as good in real-world usage!  There is *no* point to apply shadow lift towards the absolute darkest areas of your picture unless you *intentionally* want to destroy the blacks of your image.  And it is only the very darkest tones of the 6D's 13 stops of DR that are effected...tones for which if you *want* a higher dynamic range image you actually *leave* alone.

This is what people do not understand about DR...there is DR on the image capture side...and there is also DR on the print/publish side.  And to have the image of higher DR you actually do *not* lift shadows.  People with an eye for picture quality tend to like plasma screens for blacker blacks.  Dynamic range is defined as the max signal - min signal.  So the image with blacker blacks actually has higher dynamic range in *display* and at that point the fact that one sensor may have captured worse black tones is *moot*.

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