Canon 6D: Why is the interface so badly broken?

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If you have the money

HarryLally wrote:

manaskarekar wrote:

Anyone, including OP have any follow ups to how they got used to the controls?

I recently moved to the 6D from the 5d2 because I consider a much superior camera.

Why is it superior to the 5DII? Does it really have better IQ at the lower ISOs - say up to 800 or 1000? I have the 5DII and am dithering about moving to the 6D, tempted by the lower weight. But I don't want to shell out the $$$ if there's no noticeable improvement in IQ below ISO 800. I do find the 5DII rather contrasty though, and if the 6D were less so, that would seal it for me.


Then yes, I have to say the 6D is the better camera, even the IQ is better than the 5D2 at low ISO and much better at high ISO, 2000-3000 ISO can be almost noise free with good exposure and Lightroom. Astonishing.

I have both and really didn't want the 6D to be better but it is, as is the LCD, the slient shutter, the outer AF points, the ability to microadjust a zoom at both ends, SD cards instead of CF, a smaller body and about 5 years dslr development it just feels much newer.

If you can afford to, upgrade

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