5DIII and 100-400 Question

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bhollis wrote:

But here's the question:  AF issues aside, in focal length limited situations (which are common with wildlife shooting), do you get better IQ with the TC or shooting without the TC and cropping to the same fov you'd get with the TC.

That is, of course, is the same question I had when I was thinking about buying the Canon 1.4 TC. I already had a Kenko 1.4 TC and was not too happy with the images from that combo.

In my experience shots without the Canon TC, when cropped, are just about the same quality as those with the TC when not cropped, provided the cropping of the image without the TC is no more than about 125%. Perhaps the images with the TC are very slightly better, when sharpened.

1) When I am shooting something really far away and would have to crop my images really severely, say 150-200% to get a decent image, then the TC is better because the base image does not do so well when cropped above 150%, and

2) The lens-TC combo is generally very good and responds to sharpening very well. I found I had to sharpen my 100-400 images even without the TC (on both my previous 7D and my current 5D3) so now I just leave the TC on the lens and use it as a 140-560 lens.

This is one of my combo shots. It has been sharpened (and DeNoised) in Topaz. Also note that you will have to re-do any lens adjustments since the 5D3 treats the 100-400/1.4 TC combo as a different lens. I had some initial concerns because I thought it would just assume it was the same lens and, until I redid my lens adjustments, my images were slightly blurry.

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