What do you load on to SSD?

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Re: What do you load on to SSD?

SushiEater wrote:

Again and seriously.

What camera do you have?

Nikon D200 (10MP) and Sony NEX-6 (16MP). I always shoot RAW.

Try constantly doing large multi-row panoramas with D800 made out of 80-100 files saved in Tiff and when we will talk. In one month of doing it I have "destroyed" one year of SSD life.

I've done plenty of panos and HDR's with no problem.

Now, it depends what you mean by "constantly". If you mean literally continuous write operations 24/7, then I agree media wear in an issue. But that kind of workload will reduce the life of a conventional spinner too.

As for your experience... I wonder what make and model of SSD was involved. Also the OS, and whether or not the SSD firmware was up-to-date.

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