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Re: Why the writing's not on the wall (and the new link)

chlamchowder wrote:

Clamchowder, I respect your opinion, however doubt that you've actually experienced a V1/V2 Nikon.  Your description and expectations of its shortcomings don't square with my extensive use of the camera.  Perhaps your experience with a Sony 580(?) has prejudiced your opinion of EVFs?  Then again, perhaps our differences lie in the way we see and use viewfinders.  Other than for overhead or grounld-level framing, I never use the rear LCD to frame and will never own a camera w/o a viewfinder.  LV with a dSLR is not a must-have for me.

I have tried the V1 several times in stores, and wasn't impressed by how it wouldn't function with PDAF even though the lighting conditions there could be handled well by any old SLR with a dedicated PDAF sensor.

Operational speed also wasn't that impressive. The stutter between shots was far longer than the mirror blackout you get with any DSLR (and even old film SLRs). And with a camera that's basically live view only, battery life is definitely going to take a hit.

That's what I thought.  Your experience has been "tried the V1 several times in stores, and wasn't impressed."

Don't be offended, please!  I'm not belittling your opinion.  It's shared by the vast majority of American dSLR users (according to what I've read).  Europeans seem to have a slightly different slant according to sales figures.  Some people, like me, who bought into the V1 (out of curiosity in my case), were "Wowed!" by what it could do, found workarounds for some niggling things, became more proficient with familiarity while using the beast and now have a different opinion.  I went out and bought the whole system with two cameras!  (Call me a sucker!)

You're absolutely correct in your criticism of certain "features".  It's by no means a match in areas you mention to, let's say, a D300.  It was never meant to be.  What's amazing is that the D300 is no match for the V1 in numerous areas!  (And the V2 corrects some "design choices" of the V1).  What's enlightening is the technology Nikon has implemented.  It shows the way to a future product which might even change youropinion!

The Nikon 1 System is a niche product.  I still really want a DX version with D300 control.  Even D7000 control.  That's the product which could be a game changer.

It was a pleasure speaking to you.  Best regards,

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