A Praise to Blurredness

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Re: A Praise to Blurredness

JeanPierre Martel wrote:

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow Canadian (FrankS009) has suggested to me to give a look to the book “Within the Frame” written by David duChemin. (Thanks Frank)

Snip of an image: "The Shanghai Lovers"

Objectively, this is a failed shot. Because blur is to photography what apostasy is to religion.

However, looking at these two shots, I can’t avoid but recall Henri Cartier-Bresson’s words: “Sharpness is a bourgeois concern”, so far from our modern obsessions…

Interesting statement, "Objectively, this is a failed shot."   Might I suggest that "Objectively" be replaced by "Conventionally" ... in that your great shot of "The Shanghai Lovers" fails --- only by "conventional" criteria.

Another example:

I rescued an image from my (large) scrap heap last month.  This one:

Conventional failure at this size?  Not bad when viewed full size?

When I examined the hi res image I enjoyed it.  The shallow DOF, DID accent the curve of the stem, the curl of the petal, the curve of the veins, and the beautiful arcs in the image.

I had intended to reshoot this wildflower using a different lens, stopped down to capture more DOF .... to make it comply with "conventional wisdom".  I even considered looking for a specimen where I could get those curves using focus stacking off of my tripod.

I am not at all sure that my care for the "blurriness" above is just a rationale for being a bit lazy  or whether it meets some standard of artistic merit.

I hope that it is the latter and is an example where this beginning photog is starting to reject the incessant preachings of conventional wisdom.

In a more general sense, General MacArthur had it right:

Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.

I hope that you'll continue to break the rules of convention.   Good start, IMHO!


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