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Re: 5DIII and 100-400 Question

bhollis wrote:

It depends. I actually have bunch of shots with 100-400L + 1.4x TC III on 5DIII on the above lions at the same spot at the same scene. They are bigger certainly but I still prefer ones without TCs by cropping more as without TC ones are still sharper after cropping. In other side, with small birds I could see the value of TCs although I have not tested myself nor I have seen others' tests to prove 100-400L with 1.4x TC will be better than w/o TC but more cropping in certain scenarios. The only problem is that this lens 100-400L doesn't work well with TC. Depends on what lenses. 300L/4.0 IS (no mention 300L/2.8 IS) or maybe 400L/5.6 works (much) better with TC.

So, you're saying that for the lions at least, you got better IQ by cropping than with a TC.  That's not encouraging.

Yea at least for that lions case. I cropped about 60% without TC so it's not in extreme. I also have not MFA either 100-400L without or with TC on 5DIII. I did after that zoo trip nevertheless. I might do a test on the resolution chart that I used for Dot-FineTune between with or without TC on 100-400L with 5DIII.

Well, I'll be giving all this a try myself over the course of the summer shooting wildlife up here in Alaska.  Previously, I shot the 100-400L on a 7D without a TC and got pretty good results.  But I sold the 7D several months ago, and will be using the 5D3 this summer.  I'm hoping to be able to use the 100-400L with my EF 1.4x II to make up for the loss in reach I got with my 7D's higher density sensor.

Please let us know.  However from what I heard and on my own limited experience, this particular lens 100-400L seems doesn't work well with TC in general.

We'll see how it goes.

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