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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

bgbs wrote:

Camera comparisons also depend on the subject you're shooting.  If you are comparing a camera's overall capabilities to another camera, then certainly you have a point, but if the OP is looking to shoot only portraits, than D600 can certainly be discussed in the same sentence with the 5DIII, because portraitures usually are not shot while the model is flying through the air, but rather when the model stands or sits in one place. So, AF is more than capable on the D600 for 99% of all portair work.

Then OP should consider EOS 6D vs D600 not 5DIII that will be wasted somewhat in portrait only purpose.  You will say the shortage of 6D single center cross AF point that I agreed.  But in studio or portrait, you will have time to carefully precise focus and many times you'd stop down as in studio case.  So lacking of cross outer AF points may not sound a much bigger deal as we have seen many stunning 5DII portrait and studio photos.

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