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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

bgbs wrote:

I've actually heard that the shutter lag on D600 is less than 5DIII. At least according to Imaging Resource.

That is what I read in IR reviews of 5D III vs D600 that 5DIII is noticeably faster in either single center AF point or all AF points (lots more points than D600).


The Canon 5D Mark III's full autofocus shutter response was excellent at 0.120 second using our standard single-point AF test. Full 61-point auto selection AF only slowed to 0.142 second, which is still very fast. Continuous AF lag was also fast, at 0.122 second. Shutter lag in manual focus mode was a swift 0.095 second, and "Prefocusing" the camera by half-pressing and holding down the shutter button before the final exposure resulted in a lag time of only 0.061 second, also quite fast.


The first set of numbers above using the optical viewfinder measure shutter lag with the lens already set to the correct focal distance. This largely removes the issue of differences in lens focusing speed, and measures how fast the camera can measure and act on focus information. In this metric, the Nikon D600 is slightly slower than average for a prosumer SLR. The D600 required 0.260 second for full AF when using Single-point (center) AF mode (our default full AF lag test). Enabling the flash increased lag a bit to 0.295 second. The D600 required 0.335 second when using the 39-point Auto-area AF mode, also slower than average. Continuous AF, manual focus, and prefocused shutter lag times were all 0.054 second, though, quite fast for a prosumer SLR.

It was true that 3-4 years ago the skin-tones required more adjustment on the Nikon lineup, but today the RAW converters finally caught up.  Lightroom 4 and Capture One 7 do an amazing job.

Many said that but still we heard many complain in Nikon forums regarding yellor/orange skin tone.   Adjusting skin tone is not as simple as just moving temperature bar as it's the balance of many color channels.

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