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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

bgbs wrote:

I don't know about the older or second hand lenses, but the new Nikkors are cheaper than the new Canons. And as far as the lens quality both Canon and Nikkors are top notch, and looking for IQ differences is splitting hair, really.

Hard to say as they are not at the same generation such as between 24-70L II vs 24-70G.  I am sure the future Nikon 24-70G II will not be cheaper by then provided its optical performance can match to Canon one.  The new Nikon 80-400G is almost double than current (old) Canon 100-400L.  Nikon 800mm G VR is also lots more expensive than current Canon 800L IS.

I would also recommend looking at some third party lenses, Sigma and Tamron have stepped up a game a recently.

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