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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

Yeah but those are the “FANBOYS” head to the Fuji forum and you'll see ppl swearing the X100s its the best camera ever made ! How about the die hard Leica fans justifying the purchase ? Same think for Nikon or even the Micro 4/3 crowd ! In the grand scheme of things the body matters so little that i can’t understand why ppl obsess with it so much !

1) YOU (composition, technique, vision, etc, etc)

2) Lens

3) Light

4) Sensor (body)

And yes you could argue that quality of Light matters much more than the lens itself if you can’t use flash and you would probably be right but that still proves that you don’t need the best AF system or the biggest 36MP RAW files to take the best pictures, now days it really doesn’t matter all that much

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