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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

Perhaps you might wanna consider ergonomics into the equation too ? It would seem that for your specific needs (portraits) your top 3 choices: Mark III/6D/D600 are gonna be so evenly match that you might wanna either try to rent your top 2 choices for a few days or before you choose one them at the very least go to the biggest Camera Store you can find near you and play with them as long as you can, just so can find the one that feels “BETTER” in your hands and “SPEAKS” to your needs in particular as we are all very different, and “Specs” don’t tell the whole story, you also might wanna consider a refurbished D800 if you wanna save a little money for lenses as they seem to go for around 2400 USD (see link);After  And after the latest firmware updates it just seems much more responsive and the AF was vastly improved and while AF system on it might not be as advance as the one on the Mark III it seems just as reliable and accurate but i might be a bad judge of it since I’m a fine art and boudoir photographer so i never really needed blazing fast focus speeds to begin with, either way its impossible to go wrong so in thats sense we are all pretty lucky nowadays we all the options available on the market

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