NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw

Mike Sivcevic wrote:


Just when one thinks to have joined a nice community the guns start blazing from everywhere. Sorry, I should have noted "I'm new here, 'tis my first post so please be nice to me".

Never mind.

A few things ...

- My original post for some reason came completely upside-down. The last paragraph was supposed to be first, the second last - should have been second and so on. Might be because I copied and pasted my post from another forum, but it read fine when I submitted it. Funny that.

- Thanks for explanation DtEW, I see the point, and it makes sense. Coming from a FF DSLR I don't necessarily like it, but considering how the whole system works I'm okay with that.

- Thanks for suggestion blue-skies, I did search for all possible variations of NEX + autofocus + continuous etc but not much came out, hence asking here, where I thought someone would give me some clues.

- While I thank you for your help, some of you really might need to do some work with your people skills. You may be more experienced and know a thing or two, but just going off like that doesn't help a lot. I'm sure you'll be much nicer next time.

Thanks again.

Hey Mike,

I too think that a few people were perhaps too hard on you. It is normal to experience frustration when first trying to sort out a camera that is different from what you are familiar with. But they did give you a few very good explanations and suggestions. The obvious solution, as someone already suggested, is to use the AF/MF switch. That works as long as you can always tell at a glance which of the two is selected. If you use the focus highlighting, it will almost always tell you right away that you are using manual focus. And if you have the AF illuminator enabled (which most of the time you should because it is auto when enabled), in most camera modes it is functional and you will see the conspicuous indicator on the screen, if you cover the lens with your hand, thus indicating AF.

I've played with the NEX-6 in the store a couple of times (I have the NEX-7) and I still haven't figured out whether there is something that I didn't set correctly, but I found that retractable lens difficult to use. The sliding switch for controlling zoom seemed crude, and when you have the camera in MF, that is what you have to use to control the zoom. And when in AF, the ring did not seem to work particularly well either. And even though the focusing ring on the 1855 is likewise a pseudo-manual control ring, I don't have any trouble manually focusing with it, whereas I had difficulty manually focusing that retractable lens. That's the part where I suspect that my initial impressions must have been skewed by something that I did not understand. Perhaps, or possibly with that lens the ring was an afterthought and you just need to use autofocus only (except when you want to switch to manual focus to keep the lens from constantly focusing).

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