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Re: Hmm, a 'Mark iii'

DotCom Editor wrote:

Could be a 1D III, 1Ds III, or 5D III.

More information would be useful. Personally, I like the 1Ds III.

Ya could be but... when analyzing the context of the OP's question including current products being offered by Canon and the limited funds, it was obvious the camera in question was a 5D Mk III vs getting a D600.  Now if the OP had asked about getting a 5D vs a D600, there might have been some confusion but the answer should have been a no-brainer unless brand loyalty has clouded one's logic. If unsure about the question, a response could include "I hope you meant the 5D Mk III when you said 5D as the original 5D is from the past." Saying "5D classic" or "5DC" would be confusing since that model never ever existed whereas the 1DC does exist. Saying "the original 5D model" is acceptable since it infers the lineage of the 5D family.

Personally I prefer the 1DX but that has nothing to do with the OP's thread.

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