@ Henry's show: Handled E-P5, G6, GF6 amongst others.

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Re: @ Henry's show: Handled E-P5, G6, GF6 amongst others.

peppermonkey wrote:

Was at the Henry's Exposure show in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
All the major camera manufacturers were there with all their new stuff.
Even the 'Fuji Guys' were there lol.

Anyhow, handled the E-P5 and must say I'm very impressed. Was very nice to hold, it handled beautifully and the VF4 seemed really nice. If I was to get an Oly, I would pick it over the E-M5 I think, even though I said I would not get another camera that didn't have a built in EVF.

I also went to the show but I found the VF4 to be a step down from the EM5 EVF.  Which surprised me, since it's newer and basically supposed to be an EM5 EVF but separate or something.  The OMD's viewfinder seemed sharper to me.  Maybe someone just messed the diopter adjustment though; I didn't have a lot of time (got there at 4:30) so I was rushing around.

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