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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

dresner wrote:

Like a few friendly folk have mentioned, the D600 is meant to compare to the 6D.  I am also coming up from cropped frame as a graduate from the Sony A77.  I love my A77, but have been disappointed in it's quality.

Been looking very closely at the D600 and 6D.  Can not find a complaint about the 6D from actual users.  D600 people talk about cleaning their sensor pretty often due to some oil being thrown onto the sensor.  Of course, Nikon will do this for free but is it a design flaw?  I certainly would not want to be cleaning it for the life of the camera more than I normally would.

Remember that the Nikon's Sony sensor do not handle high ISO like the Canon.  So what it does on paper vs. what you can do with the camera are two different things.

Most pros believe that the 5DMIII is the king of DSLR hill right now

Most pros?  Really?  King of what exactly?  I think this is more your opinion than that of "most pros."

The 6D has a less sophisticated AF system, but it's still awesome and better than the 5D MII (as I have read, please correct me someone if I am wrong).  It also is supposed to focus in low light at it's center point better than the 5DMIII and the Nikons (altho, the Nikon D600 has a AF assist light)

Depending on your needs, GPS and WIFI along with the EOS app can be very useful.  I travel, and will be getting a lot of use from them if I buy the 6D.

Lens Nikon:  I like the 16-35 VR and 28-300 VR from Nikon, 2250$ for both and done.. stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Lens Canon: Will take the 24-105 IS kit for all purpose travel (my friends have suggested the 24-70 2.8 as it's sharper, but I would rather invest into a wide angle zoom and get a great deal on a great all purpose travel lens, then get the 17-40 L and maybe the 28-300 L down the road if I'm a good dog.  Again, if someone here has a better suggestion... i'm all ears

It's a tough tough choice.. like most people have said, they are both great systems and a lucky bunch get to use both.  For some of us, we can only choose one...

So if you were comparing the 5DIII and D600, then you really need to add the 6D to your list.

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