Nikon Service Still Playing Impact Damage Game

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Perceptions and considerations

Let's put this in perspective. The OP is brand new on the forums and this is his first post. Nothing in and of itself wrong with that, but a consideration.

Secondly, a lot of people feel Nikon overuses Impact Damage as an excuse for refusing warranty claims, but think about it. What is the most common way for a camera or lens to become damaged? Dropping or banging into something, I would imagine comes in first place and I'm not sure what second place is, but it's off in the distance. Also, many of us hand hold and don't keep the strap around our neck. We're outside with hard cement sidewalks or interior marble floors of a museum or something. We walk around with this device dangling on our necks and long lenses protruding into walls and doors.

While a lot of cameras and lenses are dropped everyday, few people want to admit it. Once they get into that mindset where they think Nikon can't be sure it was dropped, they get indignant with an impact damage response. Now they may want to join some social media outlets like DPR forums and vent some anger, probably as much on themselves as Nikon. I might react the same way if I were facing a large repair bill on a fairly new product. The rational might be, "Nikons are expensive and ought to hold up better from that short fall." "After all, it was only _______." Fill in the blank with grass, carpet, 3 feet, one meter, from the bed to the floor, etc.

There are also telltail signs of impact damage, I've been told. For example, in the 24-70 there are shear points that are supposed to break upon dropping to act like crumple zones so the optics have a better chance of surviving. I was told you can see minor hairline cracks in those shear points when the lens has had some impact, but not quite enough to break the lens in half at those points. Like the guy told me, there's only one way for those to crack.

There is no way we can tell. We weren't there to see if the OP dropped his gear. It's interesting to note after he used that lens, it wouldn't come off and twisting it around might have bent something internally in the camera body. I'm not saying that's what happened. I don't have a crystal ball, but I personally think it's very likely. That's sad because nobody wants a costly repair bill, but that's what happens when you drop your gear, even if it was a short distance and even if it was on carpet or grass.

I hope the new member OP gets some relief on this. It's no fun believing you're right and not getting taken care of. I'd certainly ask for an appeal. Always make sure you're Right. In fact, make sure you're Right of Right.

Take it easy, and take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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