Olympus E-7 follow up, time to market and other choices

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Re: Sony rebadged?

greyowl750 wrote:

Im not sure that this has not yet been touched on in this thread but..Is there a chance that the "new" E-7 might just end up being a rebadged Sony SLT  with a 4/3 sensor? Since Sony has announced that Olympus is going to supply Sony with glass...it kinda follows that it might be a simple arrangement that would also solve alot of R&D headaches to get the new E-7 to market with a minimum of expense and time. How they will solve the problem of getting the new camera to work with existing lenses might still be a challenge, but Olympus has tossed us all under the bus at least once here.


That would be a very strange move by Olympus. To my knowlege is Sony giving up SLT-Technology altogether. They believe in a pure mirrorless way because they by now have the necessary means to do it that way.

Olympus may too get some advantage from that Sony knowhow.

Just my observation.


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