X-E1 and Manual Focus Lenses

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Re: X-E1 and Manual Focus Lenses

I own several Canon, Nikon, and Leica MF lenses that I use with the X-Pro.  Although it took some time, I have become very proficient at Manually Focusing by using the Glimmer Method that has been discussed on this forum.  The Fuji lenses are very sharp, but the old MF lenses that I have, seem to have a better bokeh quality, and are very rewarding to use.  The old Canon Fd 50mm in particular is so sharp, and the bokeh rivals that of the Leica lenses of that same period.  Here are some samples that I took this last weekend.

Shot in bright sunlight.  I use a Nikon DK-8 over the EVF.  Canon 50mm 1.2

Shot indoors.  Again Canon fd 50mm 1.2 @ 2.8

Again Canon fd 50mm 1.2 @ 2.8

Direct flash from an SB-28 set to auto.  Lens Nikon Ai-s 24mm f2 @ 2.8

Here is an example of a Fuji lens. This was heavily edited in Adobe Photoshop to soften the background and create a "false" sense of bokeh.

Same scene unedited.  Sharpness of Fuji lenses is not a problem, but if you desire a soft background I would invest in some MF glass.  Hopefully future Fuji offerings like the 55 1.2 will give us some other AF options.

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