What makes someone step up to an SLR?

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Just wondering if a SLR is right for me? What would make you buy one over keeping with p&s? What main SLR features tell me a camera is good? I'm conferring a new Canon only as its a family tradition to own one.

... in most cases.

In a very few cases an actual technical need.

I think most DSLR users don't need one.

I have thousands of cousins who have low end DSLRs and they never leave auto and the kit lens is not better than the lens on an average P&S.

But the images will be better, trust me.  SLR images will have more accurate colors, more detail (much bigger sensor, much bigger better lens), less compression, better contrast, more dynamic range, better and faster focus.  The list goes on.

The images may be better under some conditions.

But the question was what drives most people to buy a DSLR, not what are the benefits of a DSLR?

They buy them for the benefits. Strange as that may be.

And you know this how? 
You make  wild assumptions that are supposed to be accepted as factual.

And I think that is true for most DSLR consumers.

You don't need to own a bunch of lenses to get notably better images out of an SLR compared to an iphone or $150 P&S.

No, one good lens will do.

But say at a birthday party with the lights out. I'd suggest an f/2 prime or even an f/2-2.8 zoom on a decent P&S is better than an f3.5-5.6 kit zoom.

Please note I did not say a low end p&s.

I was more thinking that for most people if they were going to be spending DSLR money, they might be better off with a similarly prices P&S.

E.g. an x20, X100, coolpix A etc.

Such an obsession with finding a way for someone to buy something besides a DSLR. Why?

And you know this how?
Such an obsession in selling people on the idea of a DSLR. Why?

What suggests that I am obsessed? Is stating an opinion and sticking to it obsession?
What suggests that I am trying to find a way for anyone to buy something other than a DSLR?

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