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Re: I shot a roll of film, now what ?

isb_deep wrote:

I was browsing for scanning a film and came across this thread. I am not sure if this would be the right place to ask this, but it couldn't hurt so here goes:

I picked up my first camera couple of years ago (a digital bridge cam) and taught myself to shoot half-decently (Flickr). I eventually upgraded to a dslr and was intrigued by film cameras just to understand what the fuss is about the 35 mm fov as I shoot on aps-c format. I cannot afford a full frame dslr so I picked up a used Pentax instead. I then watched youtube to re-learn how to load a film (I had once done that as a kid, but realized that I had more or less forgotten how to do it) and managed to shoot a roll of 24 frames.

My question: Now what do I do?

1) Do I get them developed at the local Walmart/Walgreens/etc. and then scan them using the dslr ?

That would be fine for the first tryouts.

You don't say what kind of film you are shooting, so I presume it is colour negative film. If so, after scanning it you will need to invert the image to get a positive, and then adjust the colour balance to suit your preference.

2) I just pull out the film in a dark room (not THE dark room, but a room with dim or no lights) and try to scan it using the dslr and macro lens and a back-lit screen ?

You cannot scan the film (or safely expose it to even a trace of light) until it has been developed.

3) Forget about shooting film (not that I want to without even looking at what the results would be)

You should at least get one roll right through the process, to see what happens.

I am not expecting miracles, of course, but I can see why shooting film is recommended so much to improve your photography technique, its not as easy as a dslr.

Any help would be appreciated!


- Deep

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