NEX-6 major design flaw

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Mike Sivcevic
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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw


Just when one thinks to have joined a nice community the guns start blazing from everywhere. Sorry, I should have noted "I'm new here, 'tis my first post so please be nice to me".

Never mind.

A few things ...

- My original post for some reason came completely upside-down. The last paragraph was supposed to be first, the second last - should have been second and so on. Might be because I copied and pasted my post from another forum, but it read fine when I submitted it. Funny that.

- Thanks for explanation DtEW, I see the point, and it makes sense. Coming from a FF DSLR I don't necessarily like it, but considering how the whole system works I'm okay with that.

- Thanks for suggestion blue-skies, I did search for all possible variations of NEX + autofocus + continuous etc but not much came out, hence asking here, where I thought someone would give me some clues.

- While I thank you for your help, some of you really might need to do some work with your people skills. You may be more experienced and know a thing or two, but just going off like that doesn't help a lot. I'm sure you'll be much nicer next time.

Thanks again.

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