Nikon Service Still Playing Impact Damage Game

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Re: Nikon 24-70 Impact Damage (sic)

RBFresno wrote:

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Seeing other threads here on this topic, I figured I'd chime in to reinforce the message that this is not acceptable service and it's still going on.


I bought a 24-70mm f/2.8 REFURB from the Nikon Store for my D800E.  I take it out of the package, put it on the camera and can immediately tell something isn't right.  The focus sounds "crunchy" for lack of a better term and it's having trouble locking on.  I give it a little while and shoot with it for a bit to see if it works itself out (wishful thinking, I know).  It takes photos, so I figure it can't be all bad.

When I try to take the lens off, it won't come loose.  It's hard to tell what's wrong, but it appears that something inside is staying attached -- it rotates, but not together and it's not letting go.  It takes me ~10 minutes of gently (this is nearly $5000 of gear, you know) jiggling it around and it finally comes off.

When I put a new (known good) lens on the camera, it doesn't work.  It's dark and it won't shoot.  Not cool.  I'm going on a big trip in two weeks.

The "Resolution":

I send both back to Nikon's NY office for repair.  At first, it reports "Warranty Service" on the status and they go to the shop.  So far so good.

Then a few days later, I get a new estimate... for over $750 in repair costs for "tampering" and "impact damage". Both are practically brand new (I had the lens for a week) and neither have been dropped, hit, tampered with, set on fire or otherwise abused.

I've talked to the reasonably friendly but hopeless reps on the phone about half a dozen times now (one transferred me to someone who spoke Spanish then hung up on me) and I still don't have any progress getting them fixed well over a week into this process.  Looks like I'm traveling without my camera.

Thanks, Nikon.  You make a fantastic product, but your service is appalling.  When someone spends hundreds (let alone many thousands) of dollars on your products, you really need to try to take care of them, not try to pin false damage claims on them.  I'm very disappointed that I will be using a cell phone camera for the mountains of the Pacific Northwest instead of my D800E thanks to your "customer service."   Shame on you.


The double whammy of a product that has had more than its share of expensive defects (e.g., Nikon 24-70 stiff zoom ring problem) and evasive customer service where Nikon unilaterally and deceitfully  deems a defect as de facto "impact damage", and reneges on its warranty:

Some reading for you:

Nikon's customer (non)Service, it the worst aspect of owning Nikon equipment.


I respect you opinion and feel bad for anyone having problems but keep in mind for every complaint here there are probably hundreds if not thousands of Nikon owners who have never had a problem with Nikon service. I'm not defending anything they may have done, I'm just making sure readers know your statements are your opinions (as are mine) and if your statements were a universal problem I suspect Nikon would be out of business as people would stop buying.

I sent them an SB800 that had 1 bad battery terminal. For $130 they gutted the device and made it like new. I sent them a 70-200 that had AF problems, they fixed it perfectly in a week, and also cleaned it.

I sent them a D800 that stopped AFing, they fixed it in a week and also cleaned the sensor

I could go on

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