OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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even though this has degenerated ...

... at the core this is a very interesting discussion.

I too have printed images on my wall from the E1 and E3 and have challenged photographers to say which is from which (12 x 16 inches). One is a landscape and one is in an aircraft museum, both shot at 7 mm with lots of detail. None could.

The reason this discussion interests me is 1) what is good enough? 2) are light or no AA's really a good thing? 3) the fact we almost always view images on a screen with "100%" 1 click away is influencing our idea of what good photography is about ... but is it in a good way?

The "100%" interrogation certainly feeds our resolution lust. But what portion of excellent photography lives and dies on resolution?

There may be a skew in values here. Is it possible one facet of photography has been artificially elevated even though it has little to do with the art of photography ... because it serves the dark art of incremental gear lust?

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