NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw

Mike Sivcevic wrote:

I spent quite some time going through menus and manuals but running out of ideas, the thing just won't turn off. It sucks big time.
I thought this was due to the kit lens being the power-lens (which I don't like one bit, by the way), but other users in another forum mentioned that it does exactly the same thing with 18-55mm lens. 
Hell no, not on the Sony NEX-6. While you can change the settings to AF-S, this does not make any difference, the camera just keeps autofocusing on its own. This is rubbish! 
Now, the way to avoid this is naturally to select AF-S. This is the default setting on all/most cameras.
When you focus in AF-C and take a shot, then you move the camera to something else the camera automatically refocuses without user interaction. This is how most/all video cameras behave. However, AF-C mode drains battery very fast as your lens is constantly refocusing, whether you like it or not. 
When you compose a shot in AF-S mode and focus on your subject, take a shot and the lens stays in that focus position until you focus again. You can look through your EVF or screen and move camera around, but until you press the shutter button half way down, the focus point remains where it was at your last shot. Way to go. 
The NEX-6 camera has two auto-focus modes - AF-S for a single shot and AF-C which is a continuous AF. 
The #1 is a direct consequence of the #2. 
2 - The autofocus design flaw, see below. 
1 - The horrible battery life. 
There are quite a few things I like about this camera but there are two things that really crossed me off. 
I just purchased my first NEX camera, the NEX-6 with 16-50mm kit lens. I've received it of Thursday and had a good chance to give it a run for its money yesterday and this morning.  Is there anything that I'm missing? I know there are some workarounds, such as leaving camera in preview mode between shots, but is there a setting that will make the damn AF-C to turn off?

Pre-focus is an outgrow of CDAF based focusing and works rather well. Now, with PDAF, the AF-C mode works even better. It is not a battery life killer at all.

Battery life is mostly related to LCD/EVF active time, and in normal usage mode, 350 or more shots per battery charge is quite common.

Other than that, you think that millions of Nex users did not notice the stuff that you rant about?

Maybe search some of the archives, and look for some explanations and understandings.

Oh, and stop complaining and ranting, it only shows your impatience and pre-judgement.

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