OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: On "gold standards" for printing ...

John King wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Thus, the only point of more than 5 MP is to print larger or crop heavily.  Above you said that more than 12 MP will not produce a visible (to the naked eye) increase in resolution for prints up to 50 x 38 inches.

Here, let me make the matter unambiguously clear so that there is no confusion:  if Olympus produced two cameras, one with 12 MP, the other with 18 MP, that were otherwise identical (size, weight, price, frame rate, etc., etc., etc.), and you were never going to print larger than 50 x 38 inches or crop heavily, which camera would you choose?

Sorry, Joe, but all things are never equal, as you have been informed time and time again by many people posting here.

Just answer the question as posed, if you would be so kind.

However, back to printing. I am perfectly happy with the course of action that I have chosen, my choice of printer, and the print quality it produces.

I'm pleased to hear it.

You appear to dispute every aspect of that choice...

Please link and quote where I said, or implied, anything that disputed any aspect of your choices.

...including the observations made by myself about the quality and resolution of the prints that are produced by all my digital cameras and camera phones on this printer. The print quality from this printer is widely known, and has no equal at its level.

John, I've seen your photos.  I've seen what you call "stunning".  I would not dispute, in the least, that you see no differences between an E1 and E30, or, for that matter, a difference between an E1 and a D800.

You further dispute the other poster in this thread who has also minutely examined these prints.

I dispute neither his claim, nor yours, that you saw no differences in the prints.  I have merely asked why you think that is.  Specifically, why there is no visible difference in resolution between a 5 MP file and a 12 MP file printed at 17 x 22 inches.

You have yet to answer that simple question.  Please, take all the time needed to give me a direct answer to the question asked.

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