OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Re: On "gold standards" for printing ...

Great Bustard wrote:

Thus, the only point of more than 5 MP is to print larger or crop heavily.  Above you said that more than 12 MP will not produce a visible (to the naked eye) increase in resolution for prints up to 50 x 38 inches.

Here, let me make the matter unambiguously clear so that there is no confusion:  if Olympus produced two cameras, one with 12 MP, the other with 18 MP, that were otherwise identical (size, weight, price, frame rate, etc., etc., etc.), and you were never going to print larger than 50 x 38 inches or crop heavily, which camera would you choose?

Sorry, Joe, but all things are never equal, as you have been informed time and time again by many people posting here. So I would make my choice based on the whole package, and choose something that suited my needs. I also suggest that this is the ideal strategy for anyone else, regardless of brand or model.

As just one example of the pointless nature of the "question" that you have posited:

Which should a person choose? A Nikon D3x (24 MP)? A D4 (16 MP) or the D800 (36 MP).

I would probably choose one of the first two, as I am yet to see a critically sharp image produced by the D800 or D800E. OTOH, I have seen plenty of critically sharp images from the D3x, and assume that the D4 will be good. Other peoples' MMV.

However, back to printing. I am perfectly happy with the course of action that I have chosen, my choice of printer, and the print quality it produces.

You appear to dispute every aspect of that choice, including the observations made by myself about the quality and resolution of the prints that are produced by all my digital cameras and camera phones on this printer. The print quality from this printer is widely known, and has no equal at its level.

You further dispute the other poster in this thread who has also minutely examined these prints. Some 20 to 30 other people have also viewed prints from this printer made from images using all three of my dSLR bodies. Several of these people have been professional photographers all their lives. Suffice it to say that I am more inclined to believe the testimony of my own eyes, and the opinions of those whose opinions I respect who have actually viewed my prints, rather than your theoretical criticisms and the ensuing "discussion", or "entertainment".

So perhaps you should talk to those printing services whose opinion you profess to defer to, and take their advice rather than badgering me about what suits me eminently well?

I have deleted all your misunderstandings, misquotes and msirepresentations from the quoting of your post, as it causes this post to far exceed the posting limit.

Suffice it to say that the Wikipedia article you reference is simplified to the point where it is more than just meaningless.

I would recommend that anyone really interested in the finer details of these printing processes might like to read a real expert in the field such as Jürgens "The Digital Print ", rather than rely on the advertising of Apple Retina displays in the references section of that article, and such like ... Jürgens' book is not overly expensive. If one is of a technical turn of mind, it will satisfy. The photomicrographs of the various print processes are interesting, to say the least

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