NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw

Uh, no.

Lots of frustration, hyperbole, and not enough research and self-education.  Is it so hard to just ask a forum a question without putting it in a damning judgement based on erroneous assumptions?

AF-S vs. AF-C refers to the autofocus behavior after you have half-pressed the shutter button.  AF-S is the standard static focus lock you are familiar with on most cameras, while AF-C is used for moving subjects, which allows the focus lock to shift fore-and-aft in order to re-acquire a moving subject.  It is otherwise known as continuous servo mode in other cameras, and the AF-S/AF-C nomenclature is shared with Nikon.  The difference is seen when the shutter button is held down in half-press.

What you are ranting about is called pre-focus, and is a feature common to many large-sensor MILCs.  This feature is aimed at solving (or merely lessening) a common problem of large-sensor MILCs: that focus speed is relatively slow compared to a dSLR.  The idea of pre-focus is that the camera periodically focuses on any scene in front of it, without any request from you.  This is so that the moment you frame your shot and select a particular focus point, it is not caught completely flat-footed but is in-fact already rather close to that focus point.

You cannot turn this feature off, and there are few imaginable circumstances in which it might be a detriment to shooting performance (one not-applicable circumstance is if the camera features an AF-ON button and you are using backbutton-focus technique and are using the absence of a focus request to hold a focus point).  If you could, you might be complaining about the horrible focus speeds.  It is a testament to the effectiveness of this solution that you are no longer complaining about the problem it addresses, but grasping at straws to arrive at ill-informed theories about the source of the NEX-6's battery life woes.

Why is it an ill-informed theory?  Pre-focus is featured in all NEX cameras, and battery life isn't a particular issue with them.

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