Third party flash compatible with Canon SX40

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Re: Third party flash compatible with Canon SX40


Well, I found no useful information anywhere on the web but I went ahead anyways and got the Yongnuo 468 II external flash for my sx40 hs. Here's the compatibility details. The flash will work in BOTH ttl and manual mode when the camera is set to av,tv,p,and auto modes. The ttl mode works fine and the flash does communicate with the camera. HOWEVER, if the camera is in m mode, the flash will not fire at all in any setting. I tried setting the flash to all modes and turned the camera and flash on and off several times hoping it would work. After wasting my time trying to play with different settings though, I did try something else and it solved the problem. If you cover the 4 ettl contacts and only allow the main contact (the big one towards the front of the camera) to connect, the flash no longer tries to communicate with the camera and will simply just fire in manual mode and with the camera in m mode. So basically with this work around you can get the yongnuo flash to work in all scenarios. In ttl mode, the metering does screw up roughly 10% of the time and the flash power is way off when that happens. I'm guessing this wouldn't happen with a real canon speedlite but this is 25% of the price. So overall I'm very happy with this flash and the pictures have been great. It's probably not as good as the real canon speedlite 430ex II but I'll go with this much cheaper one any day. Hope this post helps someone else who's looking at getting a yongnuo flash from ebay.


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