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Re: Mark iii comparable to Nikon d600??

In terms of market placement (price and target consumer), Canon 6D is comparable to Nikon D600; these are entry level FF.  Canon 5D Mark III is comparable to Nikon D800.

OP, I was in same situation as you but on the other side.  I owned Nikon crop sensor camera (D7000) with crop lenses.  Moving to FF, I can go either side as I wasn't vested in the FF lenses.  I ended up switching over to 6D for the system (including lens).  Canon provides 24-105 f/4L lens as kit lens.  Nikon provides 24-85 as the kit lens.  For the other lenses I am interested in, Canon is better and cheaper.

Nikon sensor is ahead of Canon right now.  Depends on your usage and requirement, the difference might or might not be significant.  I did hands-on comparison of 6D, D600, 5D Mark II and Mark III.  The only difference I can clearly see is the DR difference, but it doesn't matter that much to me as amateur photographer.  Most of other differences are close to negligible.  Yes, they are noticeable if I zoom into 100% and do side-by-side comparison.  But the difference is not enough for me to make a decision just based on sensor.

You should also compare the ergonomics and handling.

My other opinion and finding:

  • D600 pros: dual SD card slot; AF system (vs 6D); built-in flash with commander mode.
  • 6D pros: weight; Wifi; GPS. To me, dedicated and placement of AF-On button.
  • 5D Mark III pros: AF system; pro build.  Again, AF-On button.
  • Nikon matrix or evaluative metering is more accurate and consistent in different lighting condition.  Such as backlit scene, subject in shade and background in sunlight, part of landscape scene in sunlight and part in shade, etc.  With Canon 6D, I have to switch to spot metering to get it right.
  • Many complain about Nikon skin tones.  I find Nikon skin tones and contrast to be more accurate than Canon.  However, in artificial lighting conditions (especially with mixed Tungsten and Florescent), I have problem with Nikon WB and skin tones.
  • I like Nikon's shutter sound.  Very distinct click-click.  Canon shutter sound is more like click-swoosh.  But 6D shutter is quieter, so better for those who wants to be discreet.
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