Profoto AcuteB2 600 AirS vs. Paul Buff Einstein vs Kino

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Re: Profoto AcuteB2 600 AirS vs. Paul Buff Einstein vs Kino

robertfel wrote:

That's a huge range of difference in price and features, it isn't even apples to oranges, it's more like lettuce to steak.

How much outdoor/away from electricity shooting do you do?

The zoom attachment is brilliant design. I have and love my Profoto gear, but it is unnecessarily expensive, especially the accessories, e.g., $231 for barndoors while most other brands are ~$60. There are other options. Profoto kit with another brand pure sine wave inverter (which is what I did). Avoid the D1s, they are terrible in a beauty dish.

Did you look at Elinchrom or Dynalite?

I say buy the best lights you can.  You cant go wrong with Profoto for their reliability and ease of use (D1 air with profoto studio).  I use a beauty dish often with my D1s and get excellent results.  I did use glass domes on all of my D1 heads.

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