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Re: Not like it is all written in French ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

John King wrote:


DxO "measurements" do seem to bear little relationship to any kind of photographic reality.
I much prefer Bill Claff's more scientific approach - start with measuring real world examples, then try to make sense of it, and order it in a meaningful, structured way.

But Bill does not measure, he plots ISO at manufacturer's stated ratings,

Stupid Question

You may have a problem with that, as do DxO. The only one of my cameras that does not meter correctly, and consistently, with my Gossen Lunasix light meter is my E-510 at ISO100. That's why I don't use ISO 100 with that camera. I am sure that other makes and models have these sorts of inaccuracies from time to time, however most will have their ISO settings calibrated to give a correctly exposed image in accordance with external measurements and as per the relevant ISO standard for these things.

I have never encountered the sort of gross inaccuracies of ISO settings that DxO ascribe to some cameras.

You call this approach more scientific?

Yes. Bill measures actual RAW file values, then plots the results against the ISO at which they were exposed. He does not use secondary or worse data/references.

Seems to me that DxO start with some esoteric theory, then try to force it into a pre-determined mold. That is to say, putting the cart before the horse ...
Not the way I was taught to do science at University ...

And what does it all got to do with printing?

Nothing, as you have quoted it.

Except perhaps that the scientific method requires one to start with the facts and/or observations; formulate a working hypothesis; test that hypothesis; present conclusions that are based on the facts and the testing ...

However, if you return to my original post to which you are purportedly responding here:
all the questions that I raised and that you basically ignored have a lot to do with printing.

Would you care to refer back to my post and answer at least some of the questions that I asked you, please?

And what do you think that French has to do with anything at all, apropos of any of the content of this thread?

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